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We are expert in chocolate & confectionary, tradition of quality & customer-oriented approach that we have been perfecting Since 1924

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About Us

We are masters at what we do, because we are passionate about chocolate and serious about our values.

Elit Çikolata ve Şekerleme A.Ş. was established in Istanbul in 1924 under the name “Elite Çikolata, Meyveli Şeker ve Karamela Fabrikası”. Initially specialized in pastry products, Elit later diversified its portfolio to retail products.

Today, Elit’s giant production range encompasses almost every kind of chocolate from chocolate-covered dragee to madelaine and tablet chocolates to be enjoyed by chocolate lovers all around the world. With its high quality raw materials, refined taste, and meticulous service, Elit Çikolata is proud to carry its mastership into the future.

Our Products

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