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We produce chocolate varieties such as dragee, tablet chocolate, special and madlen chocolate with its own facilities

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A Journey of Delicacy

From Past to Present

BOLÇI (Chocolate of Bolu) is the famous and official chocolate of Bolu, a city that comes to mind immediately when one thinks of natural beauty in our country. This different product is made of chocolate, which is covered by croquant made of nuts such as hazelnut, pistachio, peanut, walnut, and almond. This is an eccentrical chocolate with its special mixture, natural ingredients, and different tastes.

BOLÇI is a chocolate brand of Deniz Gıda Sanayi, founded in 2000. Despite the concerns of many that it is big risk, BOLÇİ set out to realize the dream to "establish a national brand unique to Bolu". BOLÇI has reached its goal by elaborate market development; branding, sales and R&D work. BOLÇI now, who leads the way in the list of traditional food unique to Turkey, is also at the top of the Bolu’s brands list. BOLÇI, is popular both on national media and internet, is praised in taste sites and blogs, and is the subject of famous columnists, and love of the customers, has brought the privilege of "brand cities" to Bolu under the name BOLÇİ and its unique products. Extraordinary gourmand’s favorite BOLÇI is the most distinguished product that can be gifted on special occasions, and puts an end to the struggle of finding the perfect gift.BOLÇI can be found in shopping mall stores in metropolises, organic regional product markets, chain stores, and in distinguished facilities and branches of dried nuts and fruits shops.

BOLÇI does not resemble to any other products that national, and international companies manufacture in the chocolate sector. It is not only chocolate, but also an original delicacy. Therefore BOLÇI’s brand name and products have been imitated many times since it started production in 2000 as a promising company. These imitation products, which are being manufactured under completely improper conditions, in facilities lacking hygiene and quality standards, also copy corporate identity, design and presentation techniques and pursue cheap profits whereas BOLÇI carries out world class production, branding and marketing activities with a team of specialists.

The primary goal of BOLÇI is to increase domestic point of sales, and dealers to reach every single Turkish consumer, and to increase existing exports in order to enlarge the market abroad. Chocolate of Bolu, which is the name of the company until the end of 2011, is still in the forefront and the company continues its work to be able to produce chocolate varieties such as dragee, tablet chocolate, special and madlen chocolate with its own facilities.

In addition, it aims to increase the BOLÇI Chocoland Corner, which has a special concept and design for shopping malls, and exclusive gross markets.

The very Bolu Chocolate, BOLÇİ, which offers a different chocolate zest, is proud to present the new“BOLÇİ”, an improved look, more product range and increased quality, to its fans.

As of the beginning of 2011 BOLÇI offers 15 different products such as Bitter Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate Coated, Hazelnut Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, Pistachio Chocolate, Walnut Chocolate, and Peanut Chocolate with 94 different packaging. R&D works are in process for new products and packaging. Hasan AKSOY, the chairman of the executive board of Deniz Gıda Co. Ltd., the owner of BOLÇI, has certificates from world's prestigious food training centers on chocolate and bakery products. Hasan Aksoy and experts created a special formula that distinguishes BOLÇI from its imitations after elaborate researches nearly for a year. Since the beginning, first class chocolate and nuts have been used in BOLÇI products in which natural raw materials are carefully selected. This quality and trust approach is indispensable to BOLÇI. In all varieties the amount of nuts is 50% and no chemical preservative is used. BOLCI absolutely does not contain alcohol, pork oil and products.

The mill that started production in 2002 is now replaced by a new and modern plant equipped with state- of- art contraptions which are R&Ded and designed by BOLÇİ and produced by Turkish and foreign engineers together, and can produce 180 tons of BOLÇİ per month.

100% hygiene conditions in production are combined with traditional methods to preserve the naturalness of the product. The facility employs 150 employees, all of whom are employed only after a preliminary training. Food safety conditions are maintained at all stages from the supply of raw materials to the market and the freshness of the product is kept on the forefront.

It has been 13 years since Bolu's fresh mountain hazelnuts were mixed with caramel and chocolate was made in a small bowl. BOLÇİ is proud to be able to reach 800 point of sales in more than 30 countries and become a big brand of millions of "Bolçilovers" that add strength to their power despite of people who say “Bolu cannot have a chocolate brand!”

We continue to pursue unrivaled and unique tastes with a brand new service concept while proud of being the symbol of beautiful Bolu. And we insist that you try these unique tastes at any point of delicacy that you see the BOLÇI logos.

Your taste buds will handle the rest.

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